Nutrient Analysis

Total Fatty Acids             Min            90%

Moisture                           Max           1%

Insoluble Matter              Max           .15%

Unsaponifiable Matter    Max            2%

Free Fatty Acid                Max            4%

Physical Properties

Color: Light Brown to Brown

Odor: Bland

Bulk Density: 7lbs Gallon

Fancy Bleachable Tallow

Fancy Bleachable Tallow is obtained from the tissues of beef in the commercial process of rendering or extracting. It consists of predominantly of glyceride esters of fatty acids and contains no additions of free fatty acids or other materials obtained from fat. It must contain, and be guaranteed for, not less than 90% total fatty acids, not more than 2% unsaponifiable matter and no more than .15% impurities. Maximum free fatty acids and moisture must also be guaranteed. If an antioxidant is used, the common name or names must be indicated, followed by the words "used as preservative".