As a key link in America's food chain, Texas Feed Fat believes it has a responsibility to provide safe, consistent, wholesome, high quality fats that are responsive to the needs of our customers and to maintain the confidence and trust of American consumers.

To fulfill this obligation, Texas Feed Fat has adopted and implemented a qualify assurance program, which encompasses all of the stages of the fat manufacturing process ---- from purchasing and receiving through the final delivery of finished bat blends. Our quality assurance program helps ensure compliance to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Current Good Manufacturing Practices and other local, state and federal regulatory requirements.

At Texas Feed Fat, quality assurance is a way of doing business, not simply a program. It requires a partnership and commitment on behalf of management and employees. The commitment how Texas Feed Fat differentiates our products and services in the highly competitive market in which we operate and is vitally important to the success of our company and those of us who work here.

Quality is everyone's responsibility at Texas Feed Fat. Every effort to continually improve quality will be made through persistent training of all employees.